“Starry Eyes:” A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite – and How it Truly Works

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These aren't our words, but we'll take 'em. In the wake of Starry Eyes hitting home video a slew of tweets, essays and yes, even videos, have appeared online discussing the film's many references to Hollywood conpsiracy theories. (don't believe me? go look at the message board of our IMDB... if you dare). But no conspiracy has been discussed as prevalently as that of the Illuminati. And no article has done it better than this one, from the

Read: “Starry Eyes:” A Movie About the Occult Hollywood Elite – and How it Truly Works

Then, if you haven't gotten your conspiracy on enough, listen to some truth from the King B. James.

"Starry Eyes" Gets A Positive Review From Entertainment Weekly

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Whoa, Starry Eyes just got a positive review from a little magazine called Entertainment Weekly! It's a small review, so check it out below:

''What price fame?'' is not an original question. But writer-directors Kevin Kolsch and Dennis Widmyer break new ground with the horrific answer they deliver. Alex Essoe plays an L.A. actress whose desperate quest for success leads her to a sinister organization. You'll have to watch this skillful combination of occult thriller and Cronenbergian gruesome-fest to find out what happens next. Horror fans should keep their eyes on the filmmakers — and Essoe, who gives a star-making performance. B+ - Clark Collis

And if you don't have any plans this weekend, rent / buy Starry Eyes on iTunes

Great Review From Badass Digest!

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One of our favorite websites has reviewed Starry Eyes. Check out Devin Faraci's review below:

Starry Eyes is a low budget film, but Kolsch and Widmyer make good use of Los Angeles locations to make it feel bigger. More than that, they’ve invested heavily in the script, writing a movie with character and theme… and a gloriously bloody climax. Usually you only get one or the other (or, increasingly with cheapie DTV horror in the post-Ti West world, neither), but Starry Eyes - like its lead character - wants to have it all.

Read the full review here!

Variety Reviews "Starry Eyes"

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Woke up today to an awesome review of Starry Eyes from Variety. Here's a snippet:

"The oft-told tale of a struggling actress seeking her first big break gets a juicy new spin in the psychodrama/body-horror hybrid Starry Eyes - FilmFeaturing a knockout performance by Alex Essoe as a sweet young hopeful who transforms into a nasty, feral nutcase after selling much more than her soul to a shadowy production company, the pic pushes the Tinseltown nightmare scenario to inventive and exciting extremes." 

Click here for the full review!

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