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Waxwork Records Releases The "Starry Eyes" Score

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At last, the long-awaited Starry Eyes score by Jonathan Snipes is here! Head over to Waxwork Records to pick up your copy today! The vinyl comes in 3 variants: a solid gold version; the "Silver Scream" version; and the blood-spattered gold version (which is only available to Waxwork subscribers.) Those who purchase will also get a code for a digital download of the entire score.

Get the "Starry Eyes" score from Waxwork Records!

And to watch an in-the-studio video of Jonathan Snipes composing and performing the soundtrack to STARRY EYES, check out the below!

WaxWork Records To Distribute Jonathan Snipes's "Starry Eyes" Score

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Today we are happy to announce that WaxWork Records will distribute our score for Starry Eyes, composed by Jonathan Snipes ("Room 237"). This thing is a goddamn masterpiece of passion-infused, pulse-pounding, synth godliness circa the early '80s. Every time we've ever screened the film, we get asked about the score. Well, now you know. WaxWork Records, founded by Kevin Bergeron, will release it (in vinyl, of course) soon after the release of the actual film. When will that be? We cannot say yet. What we can tell you is that WaxWorks was kind enough to release two actual tracks from the score early.

Listen to "Chrysalis / Kissing Tracy" and "End Credits Extended Mix" on the WaxWorks Sound Cloud page!

Then be sure to check out for all their latest releases!

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