SXSW: "Starry Eyes" Video Interview For Huffington Post Live

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Our third day at SXSW, we were grabbed from our hotel rooms, dragged into a black van, and shepered along for something called "press day." Just kidding... about the first part. We went willingly. And hell, we actually enjoyed ourselves! So expect to see some more of these cool video interviews.

Here's one Dennis Widmyer, Alexandra Essoe and Kevin Kölsch did with Ahmed Shihab-Eldin for Huffington Post Live. We were preceeded by Jon Favreau (who gave Alex a shiny gold "director's coin" for his film Chef, and then Juliette Lewis, who exchanged awe with us at the fact that the green room had $12 fruit drinks. 

See the video on HuffPo here!