'Starry Eyes' Wraps! First Official Image From Film Revealed!

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After three weeks of shooting at over a dozen locations across Los Angeles, on a smoggy May 21st, high up in the Hollywood Hills, production on Starry Eyes wrapped.  The on-set experience of making this film was one of the greatest of our lives and something we're not soon to forget

Joining us on this adventure was a stellar cast including Alex Essoe (who gives a star-making performance as 'Sarah'), Amanda Fuller ('Cheap Thrills,' 'Red, White & Blue'), Noah Segan ('Brick,' 'Looper'), Fabianne Therese ('John Dies at the End,' 'The Aggression Scale'), Shane Coffey ('Pretty Little Liars'), Pat Healy ('Compliance,' 'The Innkeepers'), Marc Senter ('The Lost'), Nick Simmons ('Gene Simmons: Family Jewels'),Natalie Castillo, Maria Olsen ('Paranormal Activity 3,' 'The Lords of Salem') and Lou Dezseran as The Producer.  For more on these amazingly talented actors, please visit our recently updated Cast page.

The Kickstarter for this film played a tremendously important role.  It raised a level of awareness and exposure for the project we could not have achieved via the traditional social media route and with just days until the start of production, Dark Sky Films (House of the DevilHatchet III) came on board as fellow producers.  It is their plan to help us sell the international rights to the film.  This, coupled with an ambitious festival run, means that Starry Eyes will now make its way to a much larger audience than we had ever imagined.

Currently we are deep in the process of editing and we still have a ways to go before this beast is done, but today we want to share with you the first official still from the film.  The above is a screengrab from a scene shot by our amazing cinematographer, Adam Bricker, in which our lead actress Alex Essoe undergoes a moment of psychological turmoil (just one of many she experiences throughout the film).

In the coming weeks and months we will continue to roll out new media and production updates.  For now, please follow us on Twitter at @starryeyesfilm and on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/StarryEyesFilm.

Thank you again for your support and stay tuned for more exciting news soon!