"Starry Eyes" Is Now On Tumblr!

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Confession: I love Tumblr. I've been using it for years now, and we even find it helpful when putting together mood boards and look books for upcoming film projects. So I decided it was high time Starry Eyes got its own page there. But rather than just use it as a carbon copy of this website, and post all the same stuff there, we decided to make it all sorts of special. So if you head over there now, you'll find some exclusive goodies, including concept art, behind the scenes photos, music from the movie, and even fan art!

Here's the link: http://starryeyesfilm.tumblr.com

We're new so we don't have a ton of followers yet. But why not help change that? So if you dig what you see, tell everyone you know on the entire planet to go follow Starry Eyes on Tumblr!