Shout-Out In Entertainment Weekly

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Our producer Travis Stevens was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly this week about the premiere of two of his latest films at the SXSW film festival in Austin TX (which started last night). And he managed to get in a nice plug for Starry Eyes! In Entertainment f*ckin' Weekly! 

Here's what Travis said:

"It’s about a struggling actress in LA who finally gets her big break, gets offered a part in a movie, and it turns out the production company are a bunch of Satanists. In order to get the part she has to perform a sexual act on the producer and he basically impregnates her with this demon. The idea to do this take on Hollywood was very appealing and we’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to explore how crowdfunding works. On that project we [have been] blessed to have the generosity of Chuck Palahniuk, who wrote 'Fight Club.' He’s a big supporter and [as one of the Kickstarer prizes] you can get thanked in his next novel.

I’ve seen two movies over the last year that friends did that were fully financed from crowdfunding. When you have that freedom to make choices based on creative freedoms and not financing reasons—like, you don’t need to put this actor in it because he’ll get you an extra five grand from Germany—that’s liberating. I’m curious to see if that becomes a viable way to go about making these lower budget genre films."

Read the entire Press Release over at EW: