Official Poster For "Starry Eyes" Debuts Online

Submitted by Astraeus Pictures on

With all the madness lately, we haven't had time to keep this site updated enough. But we're back from SXSW now, so expect a deluge of new posts, many of which will be us catching up on all the frenzy from last week that we didn't have a chance to report on.

Today, I want to start with the debut of our official poster for Starry Eyes, designed by Jay Shaw. 

This poster first premiered on The Playlist last week and was then promptly spread around the internet like a plague. I've been a big fan of Jay's work for years now, but I was honestly blown away when we saw what he had been slaving away at for over a month. This thing is an artistic masterpiece. So it's no surprise that it just won the SXSW Poster Design Competition!

For more of Jay Shaw's work, feast your eyes on And be sure to follow Jay on Twitter at @ironjaiden.