Jay Shaw's 'Starry Eyes' Poster Unveiled - UPDATED!

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Updated 3/16/18 - With the recent coverage and excitement generated around the Jay Shaw's Starry Eyes poster, we decided to make it more available for those of you who are big fans of his work.  So starting today, we have a new reward that just gets you the poster.  No other perks.  This new reward is called IDOL Status and carries a pledge of $65.  Find it here!


It's here. After a long, cruel tease, today we unveil Jay Shaw's gorgeously haunting, exclusive Starry Eyes Kickstarter poster. Staring at this thing makes me feel a lot of emotions inside. You pick up new details with every glance. The print represents an innocent girl being enveloped and corrupted by darkness and becoming something all together evil.

We are printing a limited run of these. All will be numbered and signed by the artist.  The poster is 18 x 24. They will be printed on black paper and mailed to you directly from the filmmakers.

To claim the poster, visit our Kickstarter and bid on the WORSHIPPER status. This status will also get you the Thank You on our site and a DVD or Blu-ray of the finished film. 

To see more of Jay Shaw's amazing work, visit www.kingdomofnonsense.com. And follow him on Twitter at @IronJaiden.