FESTIVAL ENDED - "Starry Eyes" Will Play Multiple German Cities As Part of The Fantasy Film Festival

Submitted by Astraeus Pictures on

First the U.S., then Switzerland, Canada and England... now Germany. A lot of Germany!  As part of the Fantasy Film Fest, starting in August (and through September) STARRY EYES will play the cities of Berlin, Frankfurt, Stüttgart, Nürnberg, München, Hamburg and Köln.  For two slightly-German dudes, this is a dream come true and a great opportunity to get exposure for our film in a key film market.

Here are the cities and date ranges:

BERLIN Aug 27 through Sep 7
FRANKFURT Aug 28 through Sep 8
STUTTGART Sep 3 through 14
NÜRNBERG Sep 3 through 14
MÜNCHEN Sep 8 through 19
HAMBURG Sep 8 through 19
KÖLN Sep 10 through 21

More info available here: http://www.fantasyfilmfest.com/film/Starry.html​