Deep Fried Interview: "Starry Eyes" Cinematographer Adam Bricker

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Our amazing director of photography, Adam Bricker, sat down with Deep Fried Movies, for this awesome, in-depth walk through the look and cinematography of "Starry Eyes." 

We shot Starry Eyes on both RED EPIC M-X and RED SCARLET M-X, with the EPIC resolving at 5K and the SCARLET at 4K. The movie finished 2K, so we had a surplus of resolution. That is one of the biggest advantages of the RED system. The enormous resolution enabled (directors) Dennis (Widmyer) and Kevin (Kolsch) to adjust composition, punch-in, and stabilize in post.

Our shooting schedule was insanely tight, so we felt our on-set workflow would benefit from the efficiency of zoom lenses. We were aiming to shoot the vast majority of the film handheld. With those two factors in mind, we opted for Angenieux Optimo DP zoom lenses. They’re lightweight, about 4lbs each, and are decently fast at T2.8. We carried both the 16-42mm, which lived on A-Camera, and a 30-80mm, which lived on B. I think our camera teams swapped lenses only a handful of times over the run of the show.

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