Starry Eyes is storming the world! As of today you can find it in the United Kingdom (DVD), Australia (Blu-ray and DVD) and Germany / Austria (Limited Edition Blu-ray, DVD and Score set)! That last... more
Achievement unlocked: SOMEONE WROTE AND RECORDED AN ORIGINAL RAP SONG ABOUT "STARRY EYES!!!" Wow, a lot of production value and creative thought went into this song and, dammit if it... more
These aren't our words, but we'll take 'em. In the wake of Starry Eyes hitting home video a slew of tweets, essays and yes, even videos, have appeared online discussing the film's many... more
Good news, fellow members of the Astraeus cult, Dark Sky Films has partnered up with the always-awesome Gorgon Video to release some cool new Starry Eyes swag. Currently they're offering up... more
Today is the day! Starry Eyes is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download from MPI Home Video. As pictured above, the release will have new artwork on the cover, but will... more
Our amazing director of photography, Adam Bricker, sat down with Deep Fried Movies, for this awesome, in-depth walk through the look and cinematography of "Starry Eyes."  We shot ... more
As 2014 draws to a close, Starry Eyes has found itself on quite a few Best Of the Year lists. Here's a round-up! BuzzFeed: "The 19 Best Horror Films of 2014" Daily Record: "The Top 10... more
Confession: I love Tumblr. I've been using it for years now, and we even find it helpful when putting together mood boards and look books for upcoming film projects. So I decided it was high time... more
Very cool Starry Eyes poster designed by Midnight Marauder.
Whoa, Starry Eyes just got a positive review from a little magazine called Entertainment Weekly! It's a small review, so check it out below: ''What price fame?'' is not an original question. But... more